PROBA-V Preparatory Programme – PRO-Fusion

PROBA-V stands for PRoject for On-Board Autonomy – VEGETATION and is a space mission aimed at ensuring the data continuity between the Végétation missions (on board of CNES’ SPOT-4 and SPOT-5) and ESA’s Sentinel-3.

PROBA-V has a Preparatory Programme funded by Belspo, the Belgian Federal Scientific Policy Office. I am PI for one of the selected projects of this programme. As such, I participated at the end of February to one of the International Users Committee to present the goals of the project.

The project is called PRO-Fusion and it aims at developing and assessing algorithms for the fusion of PROBA-V images with other types of images as for instance Venus or Sentinel-2.

The slides of my presentation are available here.

One interesting thing of this project is that the source code of the algorithms will be available as open source software. I have already started to contribute some code to the Orfeo Toolbox. The main contributions involve the multi-temporal processing.