Remote sensing scientist for CNES at CESBIO. I work in the development of processing algorithms for remote sensing imagery since 1997.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    I don’t really know Optiks. NEST is limited to SAR imagery. If you know how to code C++, with OTB, the sky is the limit. There are neat examples like the following:




    There are other interesting features like the ability to connect to PostGIS data bases and the like.

    If you don’t code in C++ you can always try the Python and Java bindings for OTB.

    If you are more like the GUI+mouse guy, try Monteverdi, which includes an “Object labeling” module which performs a segmentation base classification which is able to use shape, texture and spectral features.

    OTB has a very newbie friendly community (mainly through the otb-users google group).

    Good luck!

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