OTB 1.6 is available

It’s been a long time since I wrote my las post. This is mainly because I have been very busy with the new release of ORFEO Toolbox.

ORFEO Toolbox (OTB) is an open source library of image processing
algorithms. OTB is based on the medical image processing library ITK and
offers particular functionalities for remote sensing image processing in
general and for high spatial resolution images in particular. OTB is
distributed under a free software licence CeCILL (similar to GPL) to
encourage contribution from users and to promote reproducible research.

You can go to <http://otb.cnes.fr> and follow the download link there.

With this new release, we have started to seriously pave the road
towards OTB 2.0. As you will notice, the OTB Development Team has worked
very hard in order to make available plenty of very interesting things:

– Geometric sensor modeling, cartographic projections and SRTM/DTED DEM
handling using OSSIM.
– Vegetation indices plus encapsulation of the 6S Radiative Transfer
Code, which will be used in OTB 2.0 for radiometric calibration.
– Integration of external contributions: Bayesian image fusion (J.
Radoux, UCL), Stochastic Expectation Maximization and user defined SVM
kernels (G. Mercier, ENST-Bretagne).
– Several new demo applications: road network extraction, interactive
registration, ortho-registration and enhanced viewer.

The detailed documentation, which now includes a tutorial section, can
be downloaded also from <http://otb.cnes.fr>. The PDF file is 540 pages
long, so think twice before printing it (then, choose not to print it).

For details on what is new in this release, se below:

OTB-v.1.6.0 – Changes since version 1.4.0 (2007/10/25)

– Added the otbImageViewerManager application which allows to
open multiple images, configure viewers and link displays.

– Added the otbRoadExtraction which demonstrates the road
extraction algorithm implemented in the FeatureExtraction

– Added the otbOrthoRectifAppli application which allows to
ortho rectify images in command line using the brand new
Projections module of the Orfeo ToolBox. Old
ortho-rectification application has been moved to

– Added an option in CMakeLists.txt to use VTK or not (enable
or disable the following application).

– Added the Pireo registration application (VTK needed).


– The 6S Transfer Radiative Code compiles within OTB.
– Added the Radiometry directory, containing everything that
has to do with image radiometry.
– Added the NDVI and ARVI (3 input bands) vegetation index


– Added the Projections directory, containing everything that
has to do with image projections.

– Added an otb::DEMHandler to fetch the elevation value in
SRTM/DTED directories.

– Added an otb::DEMToImageGenerator to generate an elevation

– Added an otb::OrthoRectificationFilter to perform
orthorectification of geo-referenced images.

– Added the forward and inverse sensor model projection.

– Added several map projection transforms (Eckert4,
LambertConformalConic, TransMercator, Mollweid, Sinusoidal,


– Added the Fusion directory, containing everything that has to
do with image fusion.

– Added the otb::BayesianFusionImageFilter, a pan-sharpening
filter which algoritm has been kindly contributed by Julien


– Added methods to access the alpha values, the number of
support vectors, the support vectors themselves, the distance
to the hyperplanes.

– Added the otb::SEMClassifier, implementing the Stochastic
Expectation Maximization algorithm to perform an estimation of
a mixture model.


– Added the otb::KullbackLeiblerDistanceImageFilter to compute
the Kullback-Leibler distance between two images.

– Added the otb::KullbackLeiblerProfileImageFilter to perform a
multi-scale change detection using the Kullback-Leibler


– Various name changes and bugfixes in the morphological
pyramid segmentation classes.


– Added StreamingVectorStatisticsImageFilter to compute
the second order stastics on a large vector image.

– Added the MatrixTransposeMatrixImageFilter to compute
the product of the matrix of vector pixels from image 1
in rowwith the the matrix of vector pixels from image 2
columns for large vector image.

– Added the otb::VectorImageTo3DScalarImageFilter which
transforms a vector image into a 3D scalar image where each
band is represented in a layer of the 3rd dimension.

– Added the otb::ImageListToVectorImageFilter and
otb::VectorImageToImageListFilter to convert a vector image
from/to an image list.

– Added the otb::ImageListToImageListApplyFilter which applies a
given scalar image filter to a list of images

– Added the otb::PerBandImageFilter, which applies a given
scalar filter to each band of a VectorImage. This is not the
optimal way for most processings but it allows the use of
almost every scalar filter on
vector images.

– Added the otb::StreamingResampleImageFilter, which is a
streaming capable version of the itk::ResampleImageFilter.


– Added an otb::Polygon, which represents a closed polyline on
which intersection or point interiority can be tested.


– Added an otb::DEMHandler to fetch the elevation value in
SRTMor DTED directories.

– Added an otb::DEMToImageGenerator to generate an elevation

– Added a new tiling streaming mode.

– Added the otb::ImageGeometryHandler, which allows to handle
seamlessly the image geometry information.

– Fixed a bug in the otb::MSTARImageIO.


– Added various documented examples in the SoftwareGuide for
the new classes.

– Added a Tutorial section in the SoftwareGuide.


– Added the 6S library which will soon play a role in the
radiometry module.

– Updated the internal version of ITK to 3.4.0.


– Fixed the random segfault of
otbInteractiveChangeDetectionAppli under Visual 8.0.


Do not hesitate to use the users’ list
<http://groups.google.com/group/otb-users> if you need support, or
contact us directly at <otb@cnes.fr>.

Enjoy OTB!